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Interested in becoming a home inspector? Why not commit to becoming the best in the business! Choose to train with HomePro, and you'll be well on your way to an exciting career!

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CLASSROOM - "The 55 Hour Experience Classroom + Laboratory + Hands On Training"
Item #4100, The Ultimate Classroom Experience, $1500.00 - Our five-day, 55 hour home inspector training course emphasizes practical, hands-on education. A mixture of classroom presentations in multimedia, and "hands-on" laboratory, students are free to manipulate all the equipment in our extensive laboratory in order to become comfortable with the hardware they will encounter in the field.

Training aids include heating systems, cooling systems, electrical systems, roofing, plumbing systems, and components of all types. You will get hands-on training with a wide variety of electrical panels, distribution systems (fuses, circuit breakers, trough and sub-panel systems), furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, heat pumps, water heaters, well pumps, and much more! Located in Falls Church, VA.

CORRESPONDENCE - "Home Inspection Correspondence Course"
Item # C47, Complete set of Course Modules, $2995.00 - Includes books, videos, and CD's covering technical information, pictures of house problems with an accompanying explanation of the pictures and discussion of the condition and defects, as well as a question/answer software that presents a question on a scenario along with possible responses to the question.

This three level strategy comprises six modules: Structure,Mechanical Systems,Electric and Plumbing, Kitchens, Basement/Crawlspace/Slabs, Interiors, Exterior and Roofing, Business Administration, Liability, and Marketing.

SOFTWARE - "ASHI Certification Quest"

Item # 6500, Studying software for the ASHI® exams, $349.95 - An absolute must have for the inspector who is studying for the ASHI® exams! This computer software program poses over 2000 questions in a simple question/answer format to help familiarize you with the technical materials that are covered by the exam. It allows you to study each section, quiz yourself, and when confident, take the corresponding test. Each question is equipped with explanations for right and wrong answers and follows up these answers with analogous information.

"Success in the Home Inspection Business"

Item #1180, 57 Pages, $12.50 - Learn about what to expect when getting into the home inspection business, before you invest. There is nothing worse than wasting time and money in pursuit of the wrong goal. Why do so many people enter businesses they know little about? When starting a business, you invest all of your time and all of your money. With this type of investment on the line, know what the business is all about and how you are likely to fare before you take the plunge.

"The Business of Home Inspections"

Item # 1030, 144 Pages, $37.49 - Many people are performing Home Inspections and calling it their business. How this differs from operating a business that includes a home inspection service is surprisingly vast. If your intention is to be in "The Business of Home Inspection" as a service business, you really need to understand what business "is" and what an inspection service "is not". Defining the differences and similarities will assist in understanding where you are in terms of being a true "Business". This is a "must read" book for those who intend to build equity in a successful "Business".

"Professional Disclosure"

Item # 1040, 181 Pages, $34.95 - Home inspection is a high liability business: say the wrong thing and you are in deep water. This book is based on the experiences of a multitude of inspectors and tens of thousands of inspections, will help you master the art of professional disclosure. The use of professional terminology, uncharged statements, and accurate content is the rule. This thought provoking and insightful book will bring you to a new focus when disclosing information to all those present at a home inspection, and all those who will read your report.

"Personal Presentation Marketing"

Item # 1160, Manuscript, $29.95 - Your personal presentation is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you as a home inspector. This manuscript will teach you how to impove your personal presentation by using techniques that have been proven to be successful by home inspector professionals at our local office. Your improved personal presentation will allow realtors to understand that conscientious, comprehensive and more expensive inspections are in their own best interest.

"Marketing Manual - Second Edition"

Item # 1070, 100 Pages, $19.95 - Today, there is an oversupply of Home Inspectors almost everywhere in North America. Knowing how to market your Home Inspection Business is essential. Without solid, well executed marketing, there is no chance of a potential client being able to distinguish your business from the rest of the flock. Success is only partially dependent upon technical competence and communication with the client. This book provides the information and techniques that you need in order to get potential clients to choose your business from among all the other competing inspection businesses.



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